CD _ 15,00 €
DOUBLE CD _ 20,00 €
CDR _ 10,00 €

DOUBLE CDR _ 15,00 €

LP _ 20,00 €

VHS _ 15,00 €
DVD _ 15,00 €
DVDR _ 10,00 €



The Cd come with digipack or digisleeve cover: each Cd production shows the exact description on the disc page - if nothing is specified, it is a Cdr production. The Cdr used here are the best on the market and are professionally printed; they come with a cardboard cover with six pages, with spine, contained in a transparent plastic bag with open and close flap (some old titles used the jewel box or a cardboard cover with four pages, without spine, in a transparent plastic bag). Vhs use the classic black case. The Dvdr come with a classic transparent case or with the same packaging used for the Cdr, described above. The Dvd come with a digisleeve cover. Cassettes have not been available from many years. All productions have an accurate graphic design.


Setola di Maiale has never been designed to be a super efficient company, there is only one person, a musician who as such is not always at home to make parcels: it is for this reason that the waiting time to receive what you ordered sometimes can be a little longer than you might expect. Thanks in advance for understand and for your patience.


Setola di Maiale has never been looking for any distribution service for its productions: the entire catalog is contained on this site, but it is possible to find some titles through other distributors. This is because the musicians have complete control of their work and are free to decide to put the music on free or paid download and/or give the album to the distributors their prefers, without intermediation of the label.


Setola di Maiale is available for musicians who produce non-commercial music and who, for this reason, find it difficult to publish it. The choice of the works to be published is naturally examined with great interest and attention and is constantly turned towards an original musical research. Setola di Maiale does not enter into contracts, as it does not guarantee either revenues or royalties, nothing of those nonsense out of reality that can be put in place by some labels, in other contexts. Setola di Maiale is not at all interested in publishing mainstream music or musical works with slogan containing racism, sexism and fascism in all its forms and contemporary declinations. Please send an e-mail to info[AT]setoladimaiale.net, with the link for listen to the proposal music online or to download the Mp3s.


Daniele Pagliero lodevalm[AT]gmail.com