CDR _ € 10,00
DOUBLE CDR _ € 17,00
LP _ € 16,00
VHS/DVDR _ € 13,00


The CDRs used, are among the best in the market. Each titled is printed in a limited number of copies, but they are often reprinted. The CDRs are well done printed (only few old titles are in white version). The covers are white metallized cardboard, tri-fold folder with coastline, off-set or high quality digitally printed. Old titles are two-fold folder without coastline, jewel box or digipak. All albums are contained in a transparent plastic bag. VHS with the commonly found black box. DVDR with the commonly found transparent box. All productions have an accurate graphic design


Setola di Maiale wasn't thought as an efficient super business enterprise and the staff is just one person, a musician who is not all the time in the headquarter for doing postal packages: that's why the waiting time for you to get what ordered, may be sometime a bit longer that what you may aspect. Thank you for understand and for your patience


Setola di Maiale don't want any distribution service for its productions: all the catalogue is on this website, but anyway you can find some titles on some distributors. That's because musician have the complete control of his work - he can also put the music in free or paid downloads and/or give the records to distributors he like, without intermediaries


Setola di Maiale is available for those artists that produce non-conventional music, and that for this reason, encounter difficulties to publish it. Of course, the choice of works is examined with great interest and attention and is constantly seeking to an original musical research. Setola di Maiale does not enter into contracts, as well as doesn't guarantee neither fats revenues nor royalties, nothing of those "nonsenses" totally out of reality that normally are asked by some big companies in other contexts. Setola di Maiale is not at all interested in publishing mainstream music and works that contain racism, sexism and fascism in all its forms. Please, send an email with the link to listening online or for downloading mp3


Daniele Pagliero lodevalm[AT]gmail.com