These 25 years of activity are not a self-compliant celebration, but a further opportunity to promote a vision of other music, happily far from the fashions of mainstream aesthetic prejudice. Thanks to the interest of art director Massimo Simonini, on May 16, an ensemble as a possible synthesis of the label, plays with Evan Parker at the 28th Angelica International Music Festival, on the stage of Teatro San Leonardo in Bologna. Parker is a master musician, an essential, fundamental figure of free improvised music and it is to this historicized 'tradition' that Setola di Maiale wants to continue to be approached, in a historical moment in which everything wants to shine with its own light, here we want to reiterate the continuity of an 'enunciated spirit', a continuity with an artistic attitude of the XX Century, able to proliferate and express in different ways, experimental, always moved by a desire for strong independence and self-determination. The ensemble is named Setoladimaiale Unit and, curiosity, this name wasn't used since 1999, when we played at the 48th Venice Biennale, in the Italian Pavilion.

Setoladimaiale Unit & Evan Parker

Evan Parker _ soprano sax _ tenor sax
Marco Colonna _ clarinets
Martin Mayes _ horn _ alphorn
Patrizia Oliva _ voice _ electronics
Alberto Novello _ analog electronics
Giorgio Pacorig _ piano
Michele Anelli _ double bass
Stefano Giust _ drums _ percussion