The concert for the 25th Anniversary of Setola di Maiale was performed on 16 May 2018 at Teatro San Leonardo in Bologna, as part of the 28th Angelica Festival Internazionale di Musica. Commissioned by its artistic director, Massimo Simonini, it was another opportunity to promote a different vision of music.
Setoladimaiale Unit is a possible synthesis of the label, which had the opportunity in this particular occasion to play alongside the British saxophonist Evan Parker: a crucial researcher in the field of improvised music. It is in this 'tradition', where Parker has contributed as one of the protagonists, that Setola di Maiale wants to be identified with. In this historical moment, in which everything wants to shine with its own light, we want to reiterate the continuity of one's 'enunciated spirit', a continuity with an artistic practice born in the twentieth century and still capable of expressing itself in different ways, always determined by an attitude for strong independence and self-determination.
In this vision it was an 'unexpected' pleasure to have the introduction on gongs by the American composer Philip Corner and his wife, choreographer, dancer and musician Phoebe Neville.
The result was a Cd, reviewed with great enthusiasm by the international press.
With slightly different lineups the Unit subsequently played two other concerts together with Parker: on 26 May 2019 at Jazz Is Dead Festival in Turin, and on 13 October 2019 at ImprovviJazziamo in Pordenone.
A curiosity: the name Setoladimaiale Unit was used in 1999 during the 48th Venice Biennale, where the ensemble was performing on two concerts with two different lineups, at Chiostro dei Tolentini and the Italian Pavilion (Giardini).

Setoladimaiale Unit & Evan Parker
Evan Parker _ soprano sax _ tenor sax

Marco Colonna _ Bb _ C _ alto _ bass clarinets

Martin Mayes _ horn _ alphorn

Patrizia Oliva _ voice _ electronics

Alberto Novello _ analog electronics

Giorgio Pacorig _ piano

Michele Anelli _ double bass

Stefano Giust _ drums _ percussion